about our 6-day acting course

In our 6 day intensive acting course, you won't walk into a dull room with a few chairs and a white board, but instead you'll find yourself on a film set with professional film equipment. You'll learn from a real film director who has directed a myriad of actors on film sets in Australia, America and Canada. You will have the opportunity to either write your own monologues or scenes, or we'll be providing you scripts with scene partners, and through the exploration of body language and tone, this course will help you build your character to gain the confidence needed.

We will then shoot a 1 minute showreel scene for you. We will guide you and direct you in the scene to bring out your best performance so that your skills and abilities as an actor are highlighted. The scene will be shot on professional film equipment and edited on professional industry-standard editing software, Showreels are great first impressions and will increase your visibility online and help you get discovered, whether you are just starting out in the industry and want to create your acting profile, or you are looking for an acting agent or simply wish to increase your online presence. Our acting courses will provide you with a great first stepping stone into the film industry.

  • Acting on Camera.
  • Script Analysis.
  • Acting Improvisation.
  • Business of Acting.
  • On-Camera Audition Technique.
  • Professional Showreel.
  • Set Etiquette.
  • Camera Angles (Know Your Frame).
  • Body Language and Tone.
  • Preparing For A Role.



The Mad Bear Club is a pure creatives' club! We hold an event every month and whether you're an actor, director, writer, producer or any other creative passionate from the industry, The Mad Bear Club is where you bring all your creative problems to us. Whether you didn't get that call-back from that audition, or you're stuck in writing somewhere in page 28, collectively we'll join forces and try to resolve that problem, or prevent it from happening again.

You will also bring your achievements to us. Whether you have a film trailer, a monologue, a showreel, or any other creative videos (under 2 minutes) that you may have created and you're proud of, we'd also like to view it and be a part of that achievement as well.

This is a night where we all learn a little something new from each other.                                                                                                                                 Eddie Arya